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Stepart Plastics are specialists in many forms of manufacturing processes including :

Hot Gas Welding

With the ability to produce welds of 95% strength of the parent material our fully trained and experienced team have the confidence and skill to take on any challenge.

Fusion Welding

Electro fusion and socket fusion are the two types of fusion employed by Stepart Plastics giving us the ability to meet most applications.

Extrusion Welding

Extrusion welding is used in the manufacture of thick-section fabrications, such as tanks and pipes.

Acrylic Bonding

Using varying grades of solvent to produce the clear bubble free joints demanded by today’s point of sale markets.

CNC Routing

Machining up to 2500 x 1500 x 100mm thick, Simply send us a drawing of the job you wish to have routed and we will quickly price up a competitive quote based on the quantity you ask for whether its 1 or 10000.

CNC milling/Boring

Full engineering workshop working with plastics and metals.


Line Bending

Using our newest line bending machine we are able to bend sheet plastic up to 1500mm width and 12mm thickness.

Injection Moulding

Stepart Plastics available machines range from 25 to 250 tonnes with shot weights up       to 600g along with a full tool making service in our engineering facility.

Precision Cutting

Plastic sheets as large as 3000mm x 1500mm can be cut to within 0.25mm accuracy on      our panel saws.

Diamond Polishing

Producing a glass like finish from the rough sawn or routered straight edge of acrylic sheet.

Flame Polishing

Alternative to diamond polishing where more complex edges are to be polished.


An edge treatment process commonly used with Acrylics.

Solvent Welding

Alternative method of joining PVC or ABS where hot gas welding cannot be used.